iRPS 17/18 R6 Review


CoRe With Double Podium!

The sixth round of the iRacing Road Pro Series was held at Monza for a 53 laps race this time. CoRe SimRacing’s squad including Frederik Rasmussen and Sebastian Job were able to finish on podium and bring home valueable points for this season. Carl, who was in the topsplit this time, finished in 15th position. As Frederik and Sebastian secured this good result, both are safe in the overall standings again.

irps_r6_sebifight irps_r6_fredefight

The qualifying performance was probably not that what both elite CoRe SimRacing drivers expected. Starting from 6th and 8th position the situation in turn one was getting tight. Carl could qualify himself onto the 24th position. The chase towards the lead begun and Sebastian, who was in front of Frederik, was immediately going up in his speed and started to overtake car by car. The same was done by Frederik who was trying to match the pace. On the other hand, Carl had a couple of issues at the start. As the first chicane is always tough, no matter in which car, he was sticking back to avoid damage but sadly got hit. With no damage though, Carl continued on his story of a chase and delayed his pitstop. After the pitstop phase, Frederik and Sebastian were near the podium already while Carl advanced up to P15. In the last laps, while Sebastian was on the leader of Rogers, he was giving everything. A breathtaking moment in Lesmo 1 give him a good wake up, though. After the 53 laps race, Sebastian was finishing in second position while Frederik crossed the line in third position behind him.

irps_r6_califight irps_r6_seblastlap

The team was definitely happy with the outcome. Sebastian had to say : “It was a good race and nice recovery, a little disappointed not to catch Josh at the end but it was still a good performance!” The next round of the 2017-2018 iRacing Road Pro Series will be held at Spa-Franchorchamps. The RaceSpot broadcast of this iRPS race can be found here.


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