iRPS 17/18 R5 Review


S.Job wins iRPS R5 at COTA!

The iRacing Road Pro Series and its fifth round of the schedule was taking place at the Circuit Of The Americas this time – the CoRe SimRacing drivers Sebastian Job and Frederik Rasmussen alongside Carl Winkler in Split 2 were able to secure good amount of points for the team despite a tough race including a lot of incidents. After 56 laps of pure excitement, the CoRe guys finished P1, P5 and P5 (Split 2).

irps_r5_carlrip irps_r5_fredetraffic

Starting from 3rd position, Frederik had his team mate Sebastian right in front of him who was starting his race from 2nd position. The pole position was taken by Dinkel. With the green flag flying Frederik had an unfavorable start and lost several position before even reaching the first turn. Sebastian was immediately engaging Dinkel in front and was rewarded early as the leader of the race at COTA. Also on the other hand Frederik was trying to keep up within the pack after a turbulent first lap track action and started his comeback to the very front. The pitstops were done and Sebastian could continue his way towards the finish line being in the lead. Frederik was fighting against Apex UK driver Alex Simpson in the meanwhile. Making a successful pass after the backstraight, Frederik was ahead. Nevertheless a punt made Frederik spin just a turn later. As a result of this, Frederik had to step back for the rest of the race as his incident limit became a crucial factor in his race. Sebastian continued his lead and brought his McLaren machine over the line as winner. Frederik was able to finish his race in 5th.

irps_r5_seblead irps_r5_frederip

“Frederik managed to finish in P5 after all the circumstances, it could have been a P3 at least as he had the pace.” – said Pashalis after the race who was spotting Frederik throughout the race. Sebastian was very happy with the outcome after his last races did not work out as intended. The next race on the calendar will be the fast Monza circuit. The RaceSpotTV broadcast of this race can be found here.


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