CoRe’s Vice-Champ From Norway


K.Skumlien 2nd in Norway’s SimRacing Grand Prix!

Sponsored by Norway’s automobile federation, the SimRacing Grand Prix was the championship where all iRacers from Norway, including CoRe’s own cowboy Kristian Skumlien, took part to claim the trophy and a decent amount from the price pool racing four venues around the virtual iRacing globe. Gaining confidence after Kristian won the test race at Laguna Seca, he was ready to go for the overall championship.

2018_nsrgp_laguna2 2018_nsrgp_laguna1

Race 1 [Spa] : On the very first practise session for the Spa race, Kristian felt great as he saw that he is one of the most competitive drivers out there. Missing the pole position by about two tenths of a second, he had to start from 2nd position into the series. Nevertheless Kristian went for the lead a couple of laps later. Things seemed to be too perfect and of course a massive crash brought the first setback. Kristian got taken out on the third lap, he smashed the wall, did a barrel roll and landed on his tyres again. Pointing in the right racing direction though, Kristian continued racing with a damaged car. Definitely not happy with the outcome of the first minutes in the season opener, he managed to finish the race in 5th position. “No idea how iRacing did not give me a meatball after this crash.” – said Kristian after the first race.

2018_nsrgp_interlagos2 2018_nsrgp_interlagos1

Race 2 [Interlagos] :  It seemed that Kristian had issues with the track and the setup. Although not having a decent feeling for the car despite a lot of practise, Kristian managed to qualify in P3. Ready to chase down his main competitor from Radicals Online, Sindre Setsaas, Kristian was on it.  But struggling hard made him do a lot of mistakes. In the end he had to bring it home safely and finished the race in 3rd position.

2018_nsrgp_suzuka2 2018_nsrgp_suzuka1

Race 3 [Suzuka] :  Suzuka was a track where Kristian had a lot of experience. It did not take long until he found pace and a good setup. As Janne helped him out with setting up the Porsche, he was able to qualify on pole position. The race started pretty well for him, his competitors behind had contact and he was able to open up a gap. With very good pace and avoiding any mistakes he managed to get his Cup car safely around the track and won the race. “Finally I managed a decent win!” – celebrated Kristian after his sucessful Suzuka race.

2018_nsrgp_nurb2 2018_nsrgp_nurb1

Race 4 [Nürburgring] : The final was looking to be a good one for Kristian. The fight for the championship was still open but tough to realize. He had to put six competitors between him and Sinde to take the title. This seemed impossible though after he saw how competitive the field was. Qualifying was decent as he put a new PB and the pole position for the last race. With wheelspin from the line, Sindre was able to go along Kristian’s side but Kristian kept the lead. The gap increased and Sindre fell down to 3rd with the people behind him chasing him down. Kristian was hoping for the title but in the end Sindre was able to bring the 3rd position home. Kristian won the race in safe fashion though and climbed up to the 2nd place overall to be crowned as the vice champion of the 2018 Norway SimRacing Grand Prix. Well done!

2018-02-12 18_57_01-SimRacing GP

Taking 3000,- NOK as a reward, Kristian was definitely happy with his outcome in this league despite he easily could have gone for the overall championship. The season opener at Spa was unlucky, though. Congratulations to Radicals Online and Sindre Setsaas for the championship victory. The broadcasts by RaceSpot of these four races can be found here : [Youtube Playlist RaceSpot]


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