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CoRe I.Price Top-6 in #WFG!

It was probably one of the most exciting and demanding journeys for the dedicated simracer and CoRe member Isaac Price. It might be an ironic story though – there are always people around a human being who try to talk you down and make you stick to one single place in life. But in this great case, with the right friends behind you, you might achieve things you firstly thought you won’t be able to reach them.

The setback was a tough experience for Isaac after he couldn’t show his true potential in the #F1eSports semi-final at the London Gfinity arena. The frustration was noticable – but in fact, the deeper you fall the higher you can rise. Isaac qualified for the McLaren’s World’s Fastest Gamer competition at the IFA LogitechG competition in Berlin where he prevailed other gamers on the Forza franchise. Before that, he showed his talent at the #Insomnia61 event in Birmingham and got the ticket to that semi-final. Long story short, Isaac was on it.

Isaac had to admit that the downside in this competition might be his condition and athleticism. He did not ponder about it quite long – Isaac found a trainer and started to work out hard as time was limited. The dedication to this whole project was just mindblowing to watch. Sitting in front of a screen reading all that might appear simple for some people – Isaac’s workout made him loose around 15 kilograms in weight. Being a great fan of Fernando Alonso and McLaren in general probably gave him the good boost to do this all in terms of achieving the title of the McLaren’s World’s Fastest Gamer. Not only for him, even for his team mates it was amazing to follow his whole trip where he shaped up this dedicated. The exciting days of the #WFG final came closer and the competition Isaac had to await there was on an absolute beast level.

Rudy van Buren, Bono Huis, Greger Huttu, Freek Schothorst, Harry Jacks – big names in the racing gaming area, especially with so much connection to simracing and iRacing. Twelve contenders in total arrived at McLaren’s Technology Center located in Woking, UK. Suited up in own #WFG clothing and racing overalls, the seriousness McLaren set in this event was astonishing. A couple of fitness tests, psychological and physical trainings, cognitive processing and full endurance races like a 24h of Le Mans, F1 races and even an Indy 500 event, spread on different platforms, were hugely demanding. After few days, six out of twelve finalists were dropped out and Isaac did advance.

wfg2017_simulator wfg2017_top6_2

wfg2017_insomnia wfg2017_top6

In the end, Isaac could not go through to the best of three. Of course, it is something you don’t accept when you came so far already – but taking the positive part out of it, Isaac was definitely happy with the outcome. “Congratulations to Rudy van Buren, Bono Huis and FreekSchothorst for making the cut. I really enjoyed my time at McLaren #WFG and thanks to LogitechG for giving me the opportunity to compete.” – said Isaac after the competition. A few words to CoRe, too : “Thank you very much everyone for your support, it means the world to me and it was noted how much support I had in streams and stuff. Also, I hope it proves how talented this team is and how much potential we have. I think there’s so much talent here, and us qualifying for these kinds of events is just the start.”  It was truly an inspiring trip. Once again, CoRe is so proud of you Isaac and we are extremly thankful and happy to have you onboard with us. Hands down!

To review Isaac’s trip of the McLaren’s World’s Fastest Gamer competition, follow the Twitter timeline of Isaac Price and #WFG.


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