CoRe’s 2018 24h Spa


CoRe Podiums The 24h of Spa!

It was once again time for one of the most desired iRacing Special Event races in the year – the 24h of Spa. CoRe SimRacing decided to push its’ luck by entering with a six man line-up : Ross Balfour, Kimmo Suominen, Janne Kiuru, Maxime Pauly, Claudiu Clima and Maik Paluch. With a decent preparation the week before and a late qualification by Kimmo, who put the car onto the 9th position of the grid, the race was on.

2018_24hspa_start 2018_24hspa_kimmoavoid

And the green flag flew with Kimmo behind the wheel of the CoRe SimRacing Audi R8 GT3. It did not take long – with couple of laps in the race the first big crash happend at the exit of Raidillion. There were multiple vehicles involved after a car spun out of Eau Rouge collecting several cars who tried to avoid. The CoRe entry was luckily right behind that spin and could escape. The race was not even an hour old but Kimmo settled down around the 8th position. Ross took over after the successful start into this event. He immediately found pace in Janne’s setup and was able to advance to 7th position. After that, Janne and Maik also continued without any trouble until the car was given over to Maxime and Claudiu who had to manage the night stints. The CoRe entry was fighting for a promising 6th position at that moment.

2018_24hspa_kimmostart 2018_24hspa_janneoutside

In the middle of the night a lapped car punted Claudiu in the entry of the noname corner which lost the team around 18 seconds. Luckily with no damage as a result of that, Claudiu and Maxime could continue. While Ross was taking over for the very early morning ride the race brought good outcomes for the team. The advantage was a safe P6 with a chase towards P5. Kimmo showed great performance in his following stint including Janne, who could bring the 5th position against Positive SimRacing. The last hours of the 24h race were getting intense – Maik was able to keep the gaps wide in his double stint and the team advanced to P4. In the ending stages though, Maxime had to deliver. With a undeserved disconnect from the very strong Sorg eSports AMG entry in front, CoRe was lucky to profit and grabbed the 3rd position. The expected splash and dash was no game changer – safe driving and focus delivered CoRe the 3rd place in the 2018 24h of Spa.

2018_24hspa_maxend 2018_24hspa_results

It was a huge delight for the CoRe SimRacing team. The result brought a good boost in motivation : “It was a very good race – we did our preparing properly and it paid off. A lot of good work from all of us!” – said Janne after the race. Maxime had to admit : “Thanks to all, finally a good result and a race I really enjoyed – it’s been a while!” Final words by Maik were : “I am happy for everyone who contributed to this race’s outcome. We were on the lucky side this time, we did profit from a lot of team’s mistakes and played it safe. Sorry for Sorg eSports – the podium should have been theirs, though!” Congratulations to Pure Racing Team and Triton Racing. The RaceSpot TV broadcast can be found here : [Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3]


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