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CoRe SimRacing (previously known as “CoRe-Racing”) is a premier international sim racing e-sports team established March 9th, 2005 by two gamers from the ranks of the “CoRe Clan” (a Battlefield Online clan). Evolving mainly in the early “Live for Speed” racing simulator, the team began expansion immediately as it added very fast sim racers to its line-up. During the following years, the team expanded greatly and had become one of the most successful and legendary virtual racing teams in the Live for Speed community. In 2011, after six years of active Live for Speed competition, CoRe had enjoyed great amounts of success earning various awards and honors. The so called “spdoRacing Event Database” ranked the sim racing team 2nd for the most ever event podiums, 2nd for most ever pole-positions and 2nd for most ever wins in “Live For Speed” active racing history.

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After a crucial number of important members of the team decided to leave in 2011, CoRe had to renew itself in order to continue its success. By recruiting new influent members in the “Live for Speed” scene, allowed the team to strengthen its administration and management for continuing sim racing for further four years. However, by 2013, the Live for Speed racing simulator activity dropped due slow development and left several CoRe members opting to switch to the new popular racing simulator, With help from numerous fresh and eager newcomers from iRacing’s community, CoRe was ready to continue building experience.

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In late 2014, through preparation to celebrate the upcoming ten year anniversary of the team, CoRe has seen a complete rebranding and image overhaul. For a significant milestone, the team wanted to make an impact. Added to the online presence harmonization needs, “CoRe-Racing” became CoRe SimRacing. Dropping the famous “CoRe Tiger” painting logo using red, orange and yellow colors of their virtual race cars, the team decided to choose a new, modern and unique orange, white and dark grey design. However, the continuous pursuit for victory and success remained. Additionally, the new look gave CoRe the decent recognition on track.

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Now in 2017, in association of partners and sponsors, CoRe SimRacing can manifest remarkable results within the scene. After the team found a perfect balance in terms of talented members around the globe, team organization and its administration, CoRe started hunting prestigious results: 4th in the 2015 24 Hours Of Spa, victory in the 2016 Petit Le Mans, 3rd in the 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans, victory & 2nd in the 2017 12 Hours of Sebring, championships in the “Spirit of VLN”, “Gathering of Tweakers Endurance Series”, “Blancpain Sprint Series”, national leagues and several big time events which were organized in the past. To round it up, CoRe SimRacing proved to be on top winning one of the highest, most competitive and prestigious iRacing championships of the world: The “iRacing Blancpain GT Series” – next to winning the ADAC Trophy and being 4th in the GT500 of the 2017 SimRacing Expo at the Nürburgring. Additionally, CoRe stepped into the eSports racing scene competing in the finals of McLaren’s world’s fastest gamer competition as well as the official F1 eSports series.

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CoRe SimRacing is always dedicated to fun, friendship, and the pursuit of speed. Beside CoRe’s roster, which is made up of experienced, talented drivers and includes members from three continents, the administration staff also includes real-life IT developers, engineers and design artists who give CoRe an optimal base to interact online. And since the inception of CoRe SimRacing, the founders decided on a special credo which identifies to be the key for the team’s success: “…we value our friendships above winning races, and that’s what makes us a very special and professional group…” – which at the same time, is the reason why CoRe SimRacing is extremely selective who they add to the team.

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“CoRe is your home now and your home will always be there.” – Ben Keough, founder of CoRe SimRacing.
Established 2005 – 13 Years Strong –