We’re Back Online

CoRe goes 10 !

After many months of planning and a lot of work to do in general, CoRe SimRacing is pleased to announce
their overall refresh for 2015!

As the team is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary we decided to make a jump forward and making this a nice present
to ourselves. A complete new and cleaned website, new designs, logos, media sections and an updated
line-up aswell is going to provide us with fresher content to continue in the sim-racing business.
We still have to sort out stuff as maintenance on our website and commercial sites aswell but those will be all online soon, too!
Because of these gentle contributions by our current members we are pretty sure that this leap forward will give
us a big boost towards future.

Known as CoRe SimRacing from today on we are looking forward to the next years of racing with you out there.
And maybe if you are still searching a team in iRacing or LFS to learn of, feel free to send us an
convincing application about yourself!

The CoRe SimRacing Team  –  10 YEARS STRONG


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