VRSGTiRWC 2018 R3/R4 Review


CoRe P0 In Monza But Strong At Nürburgring!

The third & fourth round of the Virtual Racing School GT iRacing World Championship Series took place at the famous high speed circuit of Monza and the prestigious Nürburgring Grand Prix track – Ricardo Castro Ledo and Pashalis Gergis showed great performance in their CoRe SimRacing Black Audi in Monza’s qualification despite a 40kg balance of performance adjustment. The CoRe SimRacing Silver entry did not start in Monza because of health reasons.  A couple of laps later the race was ended roughly for CoRe Black as Ricardo was “aired” in Ascari.

2018_VRSiRGTWCS_r3_rickyt1 2018_VRSiRGTWCS_r3_rickyair

With this tough setback in Monza, where the two CoRe entries could not collect valueable points, a reward was found at the Nürburgring. Ricardo could qualify onto P13 while the Silver car started from P16. Janne, who was doing the qualfication run for Silver, had problems with hardware and could not set a proper second fast lap. The race itself started fine with both cars in decent pace. Nevertheless incidents happend in front and as fighting with PRT was up, damage could not be avoided. Another hit within a spin did not help CoRe Silver either which slowed down the pace massively. A recovery run had begun for Maxime, even after a pitstop bug. On the other hand Pashalis and Ricardo went for the fuel saving strategy. Throughout the whole race distance the CoRe Black guys showed great efficiency and were able to recover to P4. With a bit of damage on the car which also slowed down their car, Pashalis was able to hold onto the fifth position in outstanding fashion after battling with Mivano Red. A great reward after the big setback at Monza. CoRe Silver ended up in 25th position.

2018_VRSiRGTWCS_r4_start 2018_VRSiRGTWCS_r4_crashfield

Ricardo and Pashalis were definitely happy with the outcome at the Nürburgring, especially after the DNF in Monza : “Getting a 5th position considering the circunstances is for sure amazing. A big thanks & shoutout to Marius for his fantastic spotting and his help on the startegy. It worked out perfectly.” Nevertheless the CoRe Silver guys including Maxime and Janne need to find more luck in the next race. Anyway, good points have been rewarded. The broadcast of the third round can be found here and the broadcast of the fourth round can be found here.


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