VRSGTiRWC 2018 R2 Review


CoRe With P4 & P28 in R2!

The second round of the Virtual Racing School GT iRacing World Championship Series was taking place at the Sebring International Raceway for a three hours race. CoRe SimRacing and its two pro line-ups including Ricardo Castro Ledo and Pashalis Gergis for CoRe Black and Janne Kiuru along side Maxime Pauly for CoRe Silver were competing for valueable points. Despite a very powerful qualifying performance by Ricardo – after three hours of intense but frustrating racing on the Sebring track both teams were able to finish in 4th and 28th position.

2018_VRSiRGTWCS_r2_startcrash 2018_VRSiRGTWCS_r2_rickystart2

Holding the provisional pole position for just a few seconds, Ricardo was able to set the CoRe SimRacing Black team onto the 3rd position – just hundreds of seconds behind FAG2 and PRT. Janne, who did the qualifying run for the CoRe Silver entry, was seven tenths of the leaders but had to start from 33th position out of the competitive 50 registered teams. Massive carnage happend right at the exit of Sunset Bend before the green flag flew – but Janne luckly could avoid that big madness safely and gaining several positions. Ricardo was sticking with the two leader cars but a couple of laps later, he had to give up few positions due top speed disadvantages. As the race seemed too frustrating already being stuck behind a lot of cars, Janne spun once and later on got punted getting a bit of damage. Sitting around the 40th position and meanwhile falling down more and more in the pack, the race was a very tough mind exercise for the two CoRe SimRacing teams.

2018_VRSiRGTWCS_r2_rickystart 2018_VRSiRGTWCS_r2_janneavoid

The misfortune kept going for the Silver team – a crash in front made Janne avoid that crash and clipped a spun car. But with the first pitstop done Ricardo could sit on P3 while Janne was able to advance up to 30th position. After two hours of the race distance were done Maxime and Pashalis took over the cars. Fighting for P4 against ineX, Pashalis went for the move to the inside in T1 but had contact with a PRT car exiting the pits. Pretty luck by avoiding the walls there Pashalis was able to continue driving on P5. After three hours of intense racing Pashalis could catch up again and bring home a 4th position. The Silver entry finished P28 after Maxime was able to overtake cars in front.

2018_VRSiRGTWCS_r2_maxfight 2018_VRSiRGTWCS_r2_pitexitderp

“Getting P4 while we had not that decent race pace as intended was great. We had like no top speed, though.” The CoRe Black team was happy with the outcome despite the breathtaking moment at the pit exit with PRT. Janne has to admit : “After getting wrecked the car was just so slow. We also used more fuel but we were lucky to get lapped so we had just enough fuel to the end.” The next round of the Virtual Racing School GT iRacing World Championship Series will take place at Monza. The RaceSpotTV broadcast of this race can be found here.


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