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CityLiga 23 R7 Review

CityLiga 23 Round 7 Review – The seventh race of the CityLiga 23 season was held at Blackwood racing at the GP reversed configuration with the fast and popular FOX. Carl, Laszlo and Ronald collected valueable points off this race to set themselves into promising position for the final two races. Carl started in 2nd behind … Read More »

CityLiga 23 R6 Review

CityLiga 23 Round 6 Review – The sixth race of the CityLiga 23 season was held in Fern Bay racing at the Gold reversed configuration with the heavy and hard FZ5 car. Carl and Laszlo could take solid points out of this race climbing the ladder up in the overall rankings. Ronald did not attend. Laszlo qualifed in front … Read More »

CityLiga 23 R5 Review

CityLiga 23 Round 5 Review – The fifth race of the CityLiga 23 season was held in South City racing at the Sprint 2 short varation with the fast and tricky MRT cart. Carl, Ronald and Laszlo took their chance onto the two sprint races and finished solid earning another valueable points for the … Read More »

CityLiga 23 R4 Review

CityLiga 23 Round 4 Review – The fourth race of the CityLiga 23 season took place at the new Rockingham I.S.S.C configuration racing one of the slower demo vehicles, the XFG. Carl, Ronald and Laszlo who competed for this 45 lap long race could end up with really strong and solid results for this season. … Read More »

Reinforcements For CoRe

Ronald Großmann & Isaac Price join CoRe SimRacing! CoRe SimRacing is looking forward to announce the two latest member additions to their team – Ronald Großmann and Isaac Price. The first new member is Ronald Großmann, a 26-year-old guy from Germany who is a very good old buddy from fellow ex-Live … Read More »

CityLiga 22 R10 Review

C.Winkler takes CityLiga 22 Championship! The final round of the CityLiga 22 season was held at the well known and legendary Blackwood Grand Prix track where CoRe SimRacing’s Live For Speed drivers Carl and Laszlo were racing the NGTs featuring the UFR and XFR for a long but ending 60 lap run plus additional pitstop. Laszlo took the … Read More »