South City Shopping Day


XFG Mania in South City!

The CoRe drivers Markus Blohm and Carl Winkler went for a shopping day to South City and started their engines on their FWD shopping carts to dominate another CityLiga race, again.
Turning the XFG around the tight and narrow paths of the South City Classic configuration, Carl could finished 5th and 1st in the “two-run” option of this third CL20 round. Markus who is still showing good performances in Grid 2 though, he could stand a 2nd and 4th positon in the city.


After these first three rounds of the 20th CityLiga season in the racing simulator Live For Speed, Carl advances his lead with nearly 100 points to Team Vires driver N.Morvai. Markus, who showed solid performances again, will soon take spot in the Top 10 overall ranking, aswell.

Keep it up & congratulations!


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  1. Maik Paluch says:

    Good job, guys!

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