Solid Podium For Laipnieks


A.Laipnieks secures 3rd place !

The 2015 F1 Championship hosted by Team Vires in the racing simulation Live For Speed has come to an end and our CoRe SimRacing driver Andrejs Laipnieks steps up the podium ensuring his success with a solid 3rd position in the overall results.

Due of problems in the last two rounds Andrejs was still able to hold his performance on the final round which had taken place on the fast and rough Westhill International Circuit. After this final race Andrejs secured his 3rd position with a difference of about two points against RaceGreen Autosports driver Rony Kronpušs.

Congratulations Andrejs!



3 thoughts on “Solid Podium For Laipnieks”

  1. Maik Paluch says:

    Good job Andrejs!

  2. Christian Kistner says:

    Great so see!

  3. MousemanLV says:

    Nice one, fellow Latvian driver :)

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