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CoRe With P2 GTE Podium!

The third round of the iRacing Sports Car Open series was held at the famous and fantastic Circuit de Spa-Franchorchamps track for another four hours endurance multiclass race. The crucial factor in this round was the time of the day condition as it was the night race within the SCO schedule calendar. The CoRe SimRacing team and its GTE line-up featuring Janne Kiuru and Maik Paluch onboard were racing in their Ferrari 488 GTE alongside the GTC entry with Maxime Pauly and Jere Pääkkönen who were steering their Mercedes AMG GT3 machine.

sco2017_r3_gtestart sco2017_r3_gtcstart

Janne, who was doing the qualifying run for the CoRe SimRacing GTE car could set his Ferrari on 3rd position in class. The line-up of the GTC entry qualifed on 2nd position behind pole sitter Triton Racing in class after Jere set his fast lap around the dark circuit. As the green flag flew, both CoRe entries were trying to keep the car off damage in the starting procedure. The night factor was quite new to some people as this lighting condition made corners hidden from proper view. With the multiclass racing around a definitely great and exciting race was expected. As the first laps were done and the traffic spread out, the CoRe GTE entry with Janne behind the wheel was on P2 after a contact with Torrent Motorsports. Jere was immediately going his pace to chase down the leader and keep his 2nd position in class. After the first pitstop was done and both CoRe cars continued on their multiple stints, the fuel saving factor made teams go on different strategies.

sco2017_r3_gtetraffic sco2017_r3_gtctraffic

Before his triple stint ended, Jere had to serve a drive through penalty for causing a collision. The stints from Janne and Jere came to an end and Maik jumped into the Ferrari while Maxime took over in the Mercedes. As the fuel range was not quite enough for a 28 laps run to fill a complete stint, a splash & dash tactic was probably about to happen. Maik was stuck with P2 all race long, kept his position within the gaps to the front and back and went into fuel save mode to the end. Sadly, in the few last minutes of the race, Maxime got an incident right in the Blanchimont corner and got sent into the tyre barrier. The race was over for the GTC entry. Four hours of night endurance racing later, Maik brought the GTE machine over the line finishing 2nd behind winner Vendaval SimRacing in a quite eventless night race for CoRe GTE.

sco2017_r3_maiktraffic sco2017_r3_ripmaxime

The GTE team was definitely happy with the outcome. “It was a solid race for us, I felt better after few laps and good go a decent pace. Janne did a great job, I just had to finish.” – said Maik after the race. Janne had to admit : “Good race in the end, but somehow boring, haha!” Also from the other line-up, Maxime just had to confess : “Race done, championship too.” The next round of the iRacing Sports Car Open will be held at the Circuit Of The Americas for another four hours race. The broadcast by RaceSpotTV can be found here.


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