SCO S1 R2 Review


CoRe Wins In GTC & 2nd In GTE!

The second round of the iRacing Sports Car Open, organized and held by CoRe SimRacing, was taking place at Monza for another four hours race. Jere Pääkkönen alongside Isaac Price were the line-up for the CoRe GTC entry while Janne Kiuru and Maik Paluch were racing in their Ferrari 488 GTE machine. The CoRe Driver Development team was engaged by Markus Blohm and Kristian Skumlien this time.

sco2017_r2_startgte sco2017_r2_startgtc

Kristian showed great skills in the qualifying and brought the CoRe DD team onto a promising 4th position. Isaac, who was doing the hotlap for the official CoRe GTC car, ended up in the first row on 2nd place next to the Vendaval GTC team. Janne qualified the CoRe Ferrari 488 GTE on a solid 3rd position. With the rolling starting procedure going in each class, Janne had to give up his 3rd position to Team Chimera’s Ford GT and had to continue chasing down the leaders. The opportunity was there to immediately save much fuel as possible. Isaac and Kristian, who were each starting their cars in the GTC class, were keeping up within the leaders and started to follow and draft each other safely.

sco2017_r2_jannecrash sco2017_r2_torrentdive

With Team GT in the back and overtaking ABRacing in front, Janne had a crucial contact with a spinning Team Chimera car and could not avoid a contact. Luckly with no major damage he kept on going strong. Kristian was still going decent pace following Isaac in front. Jere, who took over from Isaac, was able to continue with great racing maintaining the car in perfect condition. On the other hand though, the Driver Development team had to retire after Markus took over and lost the car in Lesmo 2 crashing into the armco. After Janne came up with a 3rd position, Maik took over from him and started his fuel saving double stint. Keeping an eye on the cars behind and in front, he was able to maintain the gaps and closed up a bit. With the last laps to go in this race, Maik overtook ABRacing’s Hugo Preto and finished the race in 2nd. Few teams had to splash & dash – mostly in favor of Isaac, who jumped Vendaval’s GTC entry and therefor won the race for CoRe GTC.

sco2017_r2_jannechase sco2017_r2_isaacfight

The team was definitely happy with the outcome. Isaac had to cheer : “What a race – I had a lot of fun today. Awesome battle with Vendaval and thanks to Jere for being a beast teammate.” Also Maik was satisfied with the results : “I felt like a Prius saving fuel my entire driving but in the end we had enough to finish. Janne did great helping me out for calculating it. It was such an great race. The pace was there to win.”  The next race will be held at Spa-Franchorchamps using the night weather configuration. The broadcast of this race can be found here 


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