SCO S1 R1 Review


CoRe Finishes 3rd & 5th In Class!

The season premiere of CoRe SimRacing’s organized Sports Car Open league was held at the Nürburgring circuit for its very first four hour race. The team set up three line-ups, including Maik Paluch and Janne Kiuru in the GTE class with their Ferrari 488 GTE, Maxime Pauly and Jere Pääkkönen in the Mercedes AMG GT3 racing in the GTC class alongside the CoRe Driver Development Team with Kristian Skumlien, Markus Blohm and Thomas Arends. With morning temperature conditons in the Eifel, the track surface was pretty cold & challenging.

sco2017_r1_gtestart sco2017_r1_gtestart2

Janne qualified the GTE team onto 5th position in class with a kinda careful lap. The GTC team qualified 7th while the Driver Development team set their laptime for a 5th position aswell. The 53 big car field rushed down the start-finish straight and the whole starting procedure went well. Janne immediately had to defend his 5th position – same for both CoRe AMG machines who were boxed in the tight pack of GT3 cars. Sadly in the first minutes of the race, Janne got spun and lost about nine seconds. Rejoining in P7, he had to continue fighting back.

sco2017_r1_gt3start sco2017_r1_thomasderp

Racing in a magenta coloured paint did not bring that much luck to Thomas as he got caught up in heavy traffic. Contacts and incidents could not be avoided with diving HPD’s in the Prototype class and his AMG was collecting dents and damage. Jere, who was starting the race for the CoRe GTC team, had bumps with other vehicles on track too. After the first pitstop was done, Janne could advance back to a promising Top 5 position. On the other hand, the Driver Development team had to retire after they were involved in a major crash in the Dunlop corner. Maik took over from Janne for the last double stint and joined Maxime on track who was racing in the GTC car. Chasing down the Torrent Motorsports car and overtaking the Team Chimera Ford GT after the pitstop, Maik was second for a short period of time. As tyres were doubled for this event, Maik sadly was using too much tyres and could not go a fast enough pace to challenge the Torrent Ferrari in front. Four hours of intense racing later, the CoRe GTE finished on the podium while the CoRe GTC team finished the race in 5th position in class.

sco2017_r1_thomasrip sco2017_r1_jannetraffic

The team was quite happy with the outcome, especially as this league is organized by the CoRe members Dominik Engel and Ronald Großmann. “Too bad I could not catch up P2, my tyres were pretty gone in the ending stint and it was not enough. But P3 is fine, the season is fresh and young.” – said Maik after the race. Jere had to say : “It was a good race, I had fun and decent pace. We lost P4 in the end cause a fuel calculation error and we decided to take tyres on the final stop.” The next race on the Sports Car Open calendar is the four hours of Monza. Thanks to RaceSpot for broadcasting this series – the RaceSpot TV broadcast of this race can be found here.


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