SCO RA 500 Review


CoRe With P2 in Cup Class!

It should have been a double podium in the GT and Cup class – tough moments for CoRe SimRacing as, after three out of four entries in the Sports Car Open Road America 500 event, did not finish because of heavy incidents. Janne & Ross could not continue due damage in a lapped traffic contact, Marius & Maxime had to stop after being flipped and Pashalis & Thomas got a painful DNF too while being leader in GT class.

2018_scora500_startgt 2018_scora500_startporsche

The CoRe GT entries started from 2nd and 7th position. Pashalis missed the pole against Triton while Janne could set a laptime to let his Audi machine start from the mid-field. Marius was able to qualify in 5th while Maik could set a lap for P2 on the Cup grid. The start went off pretty clean for all CoRe entries. Maik tried to keep up with the fast paced PRT Porsche in front while Pashalis started the chase towards the Triton Audi R8. Marius could also overtake SimRC’s and JIM Racing’s entry early on and kept running in P3. Janne continued driving safely and gave over to Ross after a double stint. Maik gave over to Jere and Thomas stepped into the CoRe Audi aswell after Pashalis’ solid performance.

2018_scora500_jimpls 2018_scora500_thomasdefend

Nevertheless havoc started and hit three out of four CoRe entries hard – Maxime, who was into his first stint, got flipped by JIM Racing in the braking zone after Marius escaped a wreck with a DP before. Ross was caught in bad traffic aswell and got sent into the gravel after a contact with a Porsche which broke the car. And on top of that, while being in the lead, Pashalis lost the car in the highspeed corner and ended up in the concrete wall. Only Jere, who could safely run down his triple stint brought the last CoRe car on track home in a solid P2.

2018_scora500_jeretraffic 2018_scora500_pashrip

The second place was to be fair a poor consolation for the lost three other CoRe entries who could potentially brought home further podium results. “Very nice performance from Jere to bring it home safely after his triple stint. Thanks to Marius for fuel calculation help. In the end more CoRe cars should have seen the chequered flag, especially the podium. Unlucky race for us but we have to learn from it to make it better next time.” – were Maik’s opinion and words after this outcome. The RaceSpotTV broadcast of this race can be found here.


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