SCO 10h Suzuka Review


CoRe 2nd In SCO 10 Hours Of Suzuka!

With the first ever iRacing Sports Car Open season concluded the series staff decided to organize an one-off endurance event including the GT3 and GT1 cars. Racing a 10 hours race around the Suzuka Grand Prix circuit an exciting multiclass event was about to start. After several balance of performance testing days before, CoRe SimRacing and its drivers Maxime Pauly, Kristian Skumlien, Janne Kiuru and Maik Paluch were registered with their orange Audi R8 GT3 machine. The administration team including Ronald Großmann, Dominik Engel alongside Markus Blohm and Christian Kistner were competing in a Martini livery styled Ferrari 488 GT3 calling themselves Admini Racing.

sco2018_10hsuzuka_start1 sco2018_10hsuzuka_start2

Maxime was qualifying for the CoRe entry and was able to set a laptime for the 5th position. The green flag flew and the event was on with the clock set on full ten hours. Maxime was immediately under pressure from behind and had to give up few position as he was pushed off in the esses. Nevertheless Maxime was able to come back to the 4th position within his first stint because a lot of incidents on the track happened. Slowly opening the gaps behind him, he kept the 4th place in his double stint. Maik took over the car for the next two hours.

sco2018_10hsuzuka_kristraffic sco2018_10hsuzuka_kennyrip

Maik had a lot of traffic in his first stint and lost a lot of ground towards SRT in front. In the end the difference was obsolete as a 30 seconds stop & hold had to be done. Janne was sick and Kristian had to jump in as late backup driver. After the half distance of the race was done, CoRe found themselves on the 2nd position for a short period of time after one leading car crashed. Another flawless double stint was done and Kristian took over. The penalty was served, Kristian started to go his strong pace and CoRe and their R8 GT3 continued on a solid P3. Breathtaking moment after Kristian clipped the curb between the Degner corners – a quite hard impact into the tyre wall let the CoRe guys stay awake, but luckly just a bit loss of topspeed was the result of that. Kristian gave over to Maxime for the final triple stint. Because of a mistake from SRT in front, Maxime could take 2nd position but dropped back to P3 after the last pitstop. With the final hour to go, Maxime went for the chase and overtook SRT. After ten hours of exciting multiclass racing around Suzuka, CoRe brought the car home in a nice P2.

sco2018_10hsuzuka_finalovertake sco2018_10hsuzuka_3wide

Maxime, Maik and Kristian were delighted with the outcome after the distance was finally done. Even Janne, who was about to race but could not was happy with the guys’ performance. “Maxime did so good in his last triple stint despite some bamboozles, but P2 is well deserved. Kristian’s pace was also outstanding despite limited practise – great job to everyone who was involved racing and organizing this event!” – said Maik after the race.  The Youtube RaceSpotTV broadcasts of this race can be found here : [Part1] –  [Part2]


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