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Discord is an all-in-one voice & text team chat application for gamers which is free, secure and works both on desktops and phones. It’s simplifying Teamspeak, Skype and standard team chat softwares giving players an easier, faster and better communication atmosphere. Designed for running while gaming, Discord is low on CPU, simple to setup and is built with the latest tech using a modern jitter buffer, automatic gain control, noise suppression, echo cancellation, system attenuation on Windows and much more. As an official VIP partner, CoRe SimRacing is now using Discord as its primarily team communication tool being all-around connected in the team.



MPALUCH CREATIONS, back then known as “FireMike Creations”, is the brand’s name under which CoRe SimRacing’s Manager Maik Paluch conducts his movies, edits, screenshots and overall digital content for the simracing community. Started to compile Live For Speed films and videos mostly in 2008, Maik could confirm himself to one of the most successful & known simracing content creators in the world. Winning several awards and honours in the LFS community around 2010, the CoRe Manager created great amounts of projects in the last ten years. Beside being mainly engaged on CoRe’s side of digital simracing media, Maik is still getting a huge amount of film and video requests by current leading simracing & esports teams.



KA46 or “Knight-Attack-46” is the alias name and logo of the former CoRe SimRacing member Yannick Martin. As he was a really long member since CoRe’s inception, Yannick helped the team to maintain several media sections like website, forums, overall administration and CoRe’s internet fan sites like Facebook and Twitter. He also mostly ran the LFS section of CoRe SimRacing. Apart from that, the Canadian was CoRe’s moderator after the he relived the team and their main design where he also contributed a lot of ideas.



RonaldG is the alias of CoRe member Ronald Großmann who is presenting his function within the CoRe SimRacing team. Ronald is responsible for maintaining CoRe’s front-end and back-end regarding domains, websites and overall organisation. Apart from that, Ronald is taking care of CoRe SimRacing’s first organized iRacing league, the Sports Car Open, along side Dominik Engel.