NES S5 R4 Review NES S5 R4 Review
14 January 2019
NES S5 R4 Review
Balfour’s KIA Hype Balfour’s KIA Hype
13 January 2019
Balfour's KIA Hype
SCO S2 R4 Review SCO S2 R4 Review
7 January 2019
SCO S2 R4 Review

No Catch In Brands Hatch

Another victory for Lauridsen! The fourth round of the Scandinavian GT3 Series went up to the United Kingdom this time, featuring the famous & tight Brands Hatch Circuit where Nicklas had to show his performance against his fellas, again. He actually did – with great fashion. Starting from pole position … Read More »

Doubles in Sebring

Double podium for CoRe SimRacing! The fourth round of the 2015 DGFX World Endurance Series took place in Sebring and it’s international configuration for a six hours race. Our two squads in the MP4-GT3 driven by Yuri and Nicklas & the RUF C-Spec steered by Nicce and Dominik this time, … Read More »

Crucial Lapping

Top 5 position in Road America! The second race of the “Spirit-of-VLN” this season took place on the fast Road America track. CoRe SimRacing drivers Maik & Claudiu showed strong performance in pace and start of the second run in this series. Starting from pole position into the four hour race … Read More »

Westhill Traffic Jam

C.Winkler advances again!  The seventh run of the 20th CityLiga season went down to the brand new Westhill International Circuit featured by the latest LFS version 0.6H. Racing the FZ5 and Raceabouts there it was time for some serious tyre gamble again. Starting from pole position Carl could continue a … Read More »

Rough Interferences

Nicklas continues his lead! The 3rd round of the 2015 Scandinavian GT3 series took place at the Road America circuit. CoRe Simracing driver Nicklas Lauridsen took his RUF Track GT3 on track again and experienced a hell of a ride. Starting from 8th position into the race, Nicklas started to … Read More »

Victory At The Bay

Carl Winkler with another win! The sixth round of the CityLiga 20th season took place at the Fern Bay environment and the well-loved “Gold” combination. Running down the hills with the Formula BMW this time, CoRe driver C.Winkler secured the win with an outstanding performance starting from 8th position and fought … Read More »