BGT 2017 R5 Review BGT 2017 R5 Review
22 July 2017
BGT 2017 R5 Review
iWCGPS 2017 R7 Review iWCGPS 2017 R7 Review
8 July 2017
iWCGPS 2017 R7 Review
iWCGPS 2017 R6 Review iWCGPS 2017 R6 Review
17 June 2017
iWCGPS 2017 R6 Review
BGT 2017 R4 Review BGT 2017 R4 Review
28 May 2017
BGT 2017 R4 Review

Laipnieks Strikes Again

Rolling Thunder in Blackwood ! The fourth round of the 2015 All-Wheel-Drive Winter Series in Live For Speed took place at the bumpy rallycross combination of the well-known Blackwood circuit. CoRe driver Andrejs Laipnieks was one of the drivers who brought their FXR home and crossed the “dirty” line and won … Read More »

DGFX 2015 Kick-Off

CoRe goes DGFX 2015 ! On the upcoming Saturday, February 7th, the 2015 DGFX World Endurance Series will set it’s kick-off on the famous & fast Daytona International Speedway featuring the road configuration with a challenging six hour endurance race as the first race on it’s eleven race long calendar through the year. Good prepared … Read More »

A Beautiful Start

[LFS] CityLiga 20 Round 01 Report A great start to the CityLiga 20 season for the CoRe SimRacing boys! After having qualified 2nd in Grid 1, C.Winkler won the feature race with a 2 second lead. The two other drivers, M.Blohm and L.Kovács, performed in Grid 2 with great beauty! They clinched … Read More »

We’re Back Online

CoRe goes 10 ! After many months of planning and a lot of work to do in general, CoRe SimRacing is pleased to announce their overall refresh for 2015! As the team is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary we decided to make a jump forward and making this a nice present … Read More »