BGT 2017 R5 Review BGT 2017 R5 Review
22 July 2017
BGT 2017 R5 Review
iWCGPS 2017 R7 Review iWCGPS 2017 R7 Review
8 July 2017
iWCGPS 2017 R7 Review
iWCGPS 2017 R6 Review iWCGPS 2017 R6 Review
17 June 2017
iWCGPS 2017 R6 Review
BGT 2017 R4 Review BGT 2017 R4 Review
28 May 2017
BGT 2017 R4 Review

No Pain No Gain

Second Split P8 for CoRe SimRacing ! The 12 hours of Sebring featured by the Road Warrior Series has come to an end after a bunch of dramatic scenes, comebacks and a lot of intensity for the CoRe team. Claudiu, Yuri, Maik and Nicklas were the squad who directed … Read More »

Scandinavian Showdown

Victory Kick-Off for Lauridsen ! The danish CoRe SimRacing driver Nicklas Lauridsen who is currently particpating in the iRacing Scandinavian GT3 Challenge against his fellow racers of his area won the first race of this private series at the Sebring International Raceway. A set-off at pole position for this first … Read More »

Cold Wallhits

Drama in South City ! The content of round 4 of the 20th CityLiga season included V8’s, cold tyres and a lot of wall scratches around the South City track in the town configuration. Carl and Laszlo struggled with cold tyres and a pretty chaotic T1 which they could survive … Read More »

New Recruits For 2015

CoRe recruits C.Clima & D.Engel! The 2015 recruitment procedure of CoRe SimRacing has come finally to an end and the team is proud to announce their latest additions to the team! Firstly, Claudiu Clima, a 30 year old romanian self-called “simracing-maniac” who convinced the team of being an experienced and passioned … Read More »

The Final Draft

From Slipstream to Championship ! CoRe SimRacing member Andrejs Laipnieks secures the title for the 2015 All-Wheel-Drive Winter Series in Live For Speed ! Driving the FXR on the Kyoto Oval, which was announced as the “Winter 200” for the final round six, Andrejs could finish the race in second position. … Read More »