New Members For CoRe New Members For CoRe
11 April 2018
New Members For CoRe
VRSGTiRWC 2018 R2 Review VRSGTiRWC 2018 R2 Review
24 March 2018
VRSGTiRWC 2018 R2 Review
CoRe’s 2018 12H Sebring CoRe’s 2018 12H Sebring
11 March 2018
CoRe’s 2018 12H Sebring

CoRe’s Unstoppable

F.Rasmussen takes 2016 BSS Season 4 Championship! The fourth season of the 2016 Blancpain Sprint Series in iRacing has been yet again the most competitive, toughest and exciting series to watch and follow. With RaceSpot’s primetime broadcasts at friday nights, the danish CoRe SimRacing driver Frederik Rasmussen showed how it’s … Read More »

CityLiga 23 R8 Review

CityLiga 23 Round 8 Review – The eighth race of the CityLiga 23 season was held at South City racing on the long reversed configuration with the tricky and hard LX6. Laszlo and Ronald showed some great performance and collected value points in this penultimate race. Carl did not attend as drop week. Laszlo started in … Read More »

CityLiga 23 R7 Review

CityLiga 23 Round 7 Review – The seventh race of the CityLiga 23 season was held at Blackwood racing at the GP reversed configuration with the fast and popular FOX. Carl, Laszlo and Ronald collected valueable points off this race to set themselves into promising position for the final two races. Carl started in 2nd behind … Read More »

Podium At COTA

P2 at Round 2 at NES S3! The second round of the NEO Endurance Series in its third season was taking place at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. CoRe SimRacing competed with their two line-ups including Frederik Rasmussen and Isaac Price in their HPD and Janne Kiuru, JP … Read More »

Setback At Imola

A tough ending in Imola! The second round of the Gathering Of Tweakers Endurance Series Season 2 brought a lot of misfortune for the CoRe SimRacing team. With Maxime and Markus racing in the AMG while Dominik, Nicce and Jere were up for their RUF C-Spec the 3 hour race took … Read More »

CityLiga 23 R6 Review

CityLiga 23 Round 6 Review – The sixth race of the CityLiga 23 season was held in Fern Bay racing at the Gold reversed configuration with the heavy and hard FZ5 car. Carl and Laszlo could take solid points out of this race climbing the ladder up in the overall rankings. Ronald did not attend. Laszlo qualifed in front … Read More »