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CoRe Signs Four New Members for 2018!

CoRe SimRacing is proud to announce their new members to the team for the year 2018 – after a successful recruitment phase of the four former Torrent Motorsports drivers, CoRe is happy to welcome the new reinforcements to strengthen line-ups in upcoming iRacing events.

First is Marius Golombeck who has been active in motorsports since he was a kid. After a couple of real life racing opportunities in karting, autocross and Nürburgring Nordschleife racing, Marius continued racing virtually since the beginning of the Live For Speed community. Forming long friendship already with a lot of german CoRe SimRacers back in the days, he is eager to finally get dedicated in iRacing again. “First of all I am incredibly glad to be onboard. I know some of the guys for years now, going all the way back to the “Live for Speed days”. The team has an excellent reputation in the simracing scene and has been able to score great results in the past. I will support the team to the best of my ability and am looking forward to having a great time!

Second is Ross Balfour who is simracing since 2007. In his first tenure he won various races and championships, mainly in Race07 winning multiple team championships. After his sabbatical, he focused initially on Assetto Corsa but discovered iRacing after finding a lack of online competition in AC. Since joining iRacing, he won multiple races against strong opposition in multiple classes. “I’m really looking forward to my experience with CoRe. I feel I am improving as a driver year on year and mixing with some of the best drivers in the world can only make me perform even better than I currently operate at. More importantly though I’m looking forward to having some fun and enjoying my hobby with similarly minded people!”

Third is Kimmo Suominen. Kimmo dabbled with some simracing games like GP Legends, Geoff Crammond’s GP series and Papyrus NASCAR series when he was a kid. His first real online simracing experience however didn’t happen until he joined iRacing in early 2009. Some of his achievements were qualifying for the first ever DWC series in 2010, winning the first ever iRacing 24 hour race in 2014, qualified for the Blancpain GT series in 2016 and also finishing third in the GT2 class in iRacing’s 24 hours of Le Mans in 2016. “I already know this is a group of good people and I am happy to be part of it for the future efforts. I’m  also always looking to improve as a driver and a human being.”

Fourth is Patrick Kubinji. Also coming from the german roots of the Live For Speed community, Patrick shaped big friendships with several CoRe SimRacing members before the team has swapped over to iRacing. He started simracing in 2006 and managed to win multiple CityLiga championships and Masters of Endurance championships besides many other event wins.”Since I know many members from past LFS-days I already can tell that we’re gonna have a great time together and I’m looking forward to that a lot. Personally I want to improve my skills in iRacing and make the team grow stronger and stronger over time. Of course there might be some work ahead of us but I feel like we’re all ready to go for it.

Give them a warm welcome!


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