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4th in P & GTE at Nürburgring!

The fourth round of the NEO Endurance Series in its fourth season was taking place at the Nürburgring GP track and was at the same time the first race in 2018 for this series. CoRe SimRacing and its line-up with the Prototype car driven by Isaac & Maxime finished in a great 4th position. The orange GTE car with Janne & Ricardo ended up in a solid 4th position, too. GTE Silver with Dominik & Maik came in 12th.

ness4_r4_hpdstart ness4_r4_rickyderp

Ricardo was able to qualify on 4th position for this race. Isaac and Maxime started from 8th position in class while Dominik and Maik were going from far back starting their race in P27. Early trouble in the first corner already, Ricardo had contact and spun couples of corners later starting a massive incident in the middle of the Nürburgring-Arena section. Maik was able to avoid the complete carnage going from the outside and was rewarded with circa +10 positions. Isaac in the Prototype entry was able to continue chasing down a podium position. Ricardo on the other hand had to continue his chase through the GTE field from the very end but fought back position by position.

ness4_r4_maikavoid ness4_r4_hpdstar

Maxime was able to hold on the promising P3-P4 in the Prototype class. Janne, who took over from Ricardo, continued to keep the pace securing the 4th position. From that one it seemed that the leaders in front were too far off. Dominik and Maik were stuck in their mid-field 14th’ position though but got rewarded with freebies and waited for mistakes from other teams. After six hours of tough racing, a lot of incidents, penalties and also very close moments for the CoRe SimRacing entries, the team could secure an overall great and solid result.

ness4_r4_jannetraffic ness4_r4_isaactraffic

This result gives CoRe another valueable points in the team standings. With Spa and the 24h Le Mans race to go, the rest of the season will be definitely exciting. Ricardo had to say : “That was a bit unexpected as we were off pace early in the week but at the same time disappointing because of that spin on lap 1. Still great to finish in top 5 considering we were nearly last on first lap though.” Maik also had to admit : “I was quite happy with my pace as I have new simracing hardware. Speed was decent and I am looking forward to the next upcoming races.”  The broadcast of this race can be found here.


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