NES S4 R2 Review


CoRe Prototype With Another Podium!

The second round of the NEO Endurance Series Season 4 was taking place at Road America for another long six hours race. CoRe SimRacing and its line-ups with CoRe Prototype including Maxime Pauly and Sebastian Job could secure a great podium by finishing in second position. CoRe GTE Orange with lead driver Janne Kiuru alongside Thomas Arends finished in a solid 8th position. The CoRe GTE Silver car with Maik Paluch and Claudiu Clima could just end the race on P18 due an early stop & hold penalty and late damage to their Ferrari 488 machine.

2017_ness4_r2_pstart 2017_ness4_r2_gtestart

Sebastian took the pole position with an outstanding hotlap being about 0.4 seconds faster than Mivano and PRT behind. Janne had to start from P11 while Maik set the qualifying time for P20. The start was tough especially for Maik who could make a few positions to the front but had to give them away when traffic kicked in. Sebastian had to defend against PRT immediately though. Janne set his pace and run safely through the field within the GTE train. On the other hand Maik was using too much tyres again and decided to take tyres after the first stint. Janne did a double stint and was holding himself in the Top 10. Sebastian was still following with the leader car after his pitstops.

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A 15 seconds stop & hold demolished the hopes of GTE Silver. Falling back to the end of the field Claudiu had to start fighting back. Maxime took over from Sebastian and continued the pursuit for the lead against Pure Racing Team despite a breathtaking spin. Janne gave the car over to Thomas how also kept following the leading GTE cars and holding a promising Top 10 position in this competitive class. After Maik took over for his double stint CoRe Silver was on the wrong strategy. A lot of time was lost anyway and Maik touched the concrete wall out of T1 after a too wide corner entry. With damage though, Maik could held the Ferrari within the Top 20. Thomas was fighting against SimRC’s entry and Maxime tried to keep the car clean. After five hours of race distance done, Sebastian was going for the triple on tyres trying to catch PRT. Another spin was the result of that and CoRe P had to be happy with a solid second position. Janne, who was going for the final stint had a battle against Torrent Motorsports and PRT for P7. In the end CoRe Orange finished in P8 and CoRe Silver ended up in P18.

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Sebastian wanted the lead so much, I can’t blame him for his mistake.” – Maxime had to admit after the tough race. Maik was rather not happy with the performance : “I got the early penalty after a stupid driving error in turn one, this kind ended our hopes. Anyway, the recover to the front was ok-ish.” Janne had to say : “The ending battle phase was strange, I think there was not a fair thing going on. With these kind of driving standards, specific people should not be in this kind of series.“. The next race of the NEO Endurance Series Season 4 will take place at the Twin Ring Motegi. The broadcast of this race can be found here.


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