Laipnieks Strikes Again


Rolling Thunder in Blackwood !

The fourth round of the 2015 All-Wheel-Drive Winter Series in Live For Speed took place at the bumpy rallycross combination of the well-known Blackwood circuit.
CoRe driver Andrejs Laipnieks was one of the drivers who brought their FXR home and crossed the “dirty” line and won the race with great fashion in this tough rallycross battle.
A lead in the overall standings and a four point lead aswell will give him a bit of advantage for the last two races of this AWD Winter Series.

Nevertheless the last two races which will be held on Westhill and the Kyoto Oval won’t be an easy ride for sure.
Heads up & congratulations Andrejs!


3 thoughts on “Laipnieks Strikes Again”

  1. MousemanLV says:

    Graet job. :)

  2. Maik Paluch says:

    Well done Andrejs, the first corner was sick! 😀

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