K.Suominen Wins FiSRA eSM 2018


K.Suominen Wins FiSRA eSM 2018 Qualification!

The 2018 version of the Finnish SimRacing Association’s eSM series brought nice and exciting racing once again – Kimmo Suominen, who was taking part for CoRe SimRacing, secured the overall victory in the standings – just three points ahead of Kekkonen from Vendaval.

fisra2018_sebring fisra2018_interlagos

It was the first job for Kimmo under the flag of CoRe and he delivered. Despite he needed time to expand his full potential after a solid 5th position in the season opener at Interlagos, Kimmo could take his first win at Road America already. Also in the following rounds the fresh signed driver from CoRe showed his great racecraft, especially in Monza where he won the race in a photo finish against Kekkonen with a time difference of -00.012 of a second. At Phillip Island and in the final race at Sebring though, Vendaval’s SimRacing driver Kekkonen was able to outrun Kimmo twice. Nevertheless Kimmo secured his victory in the overall standing board and is the 2018 FISRA eSM winner.

2018-06-10 21_39_14-Pistetilanne - Sim racing eSM 2018 - karsinta - SM-rata _ simracing.fi

Kimmo had to admit : “I was happy with my qualifying effort but my race pace could still be improved for future races. One mistake at Sebring cost me the lead but I am still reasonably content to come home second and finish first in overall points. It’s always a pleasure to race against my fellow Finns and this series was no exception. Each race was more exciting than the last and the standard of driving was very good from my point of view. Big thanks to FiSRA for organizing. See you in the finals race! Big thanks to Janne Kiuru for setup and practice help for this final round.


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