iWCGPS 2017 R6 Review


– The sixth round of the 2017 iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series took place at the Silverstone circuit for a 60 laps race. Pashalis Gergis and Isaac Price who participated in this prestigious iRacing round could finish the race on 21st and 31st position. This gives both CoRe SimRacing drivers no valueable points for this round. Cem Bolukbasi did not attend due private appointments and had to drop this race.

iwcgps_r6_start iwcgps_r6_joniderp

Pashalis qualified onto the 15th position while his team mate Isaac Price set a lap right behind him on the grid starting from 16th position. The overall starting procedure went off pretty well and incidents were kept to a good minimum. The greek CoRe SimRacing driver could advance solid from his starting position up to 11th place in the first couple of laps. On the other hand, Isaac who was chasing down Pashalis and the field in front for at least a lap, sadly got an unlucky touch by ineX Racing’s Joni Törmälä who was heading into the pitlane in the very first lap. As a result from that contact, Isaac suffered small front end damage and fell down to P25. Meanwhile Pashalis had the two Apex Racing drivers Antoine Higelin and Jamie Fluke in his back while he was chasing down Patrik Holzmann for a promising top ten position.

iwcgps_r6_isaacsave iwcgps_r6_pashderp

After a tricky avoidance in the esses, Isaac was still on it to gain back his lost positions. While Isaac was going for a long run to delay his pitstop, Pashalis made a mistake in the first turn, had a snap oversteer and slid into the barrier. This was sadly the end of his race. After tough 60 laps for the CoRe SimRacing drivers, Pashalis was classified in P31. Isaac finished the race in 21st position. “This probably could have been my best race in this season and this happens. This is really frustrating.” – said the greek simracer after his mistake. A lot of races left to make up points, though. The next race of the 2017 iWCGPS will take place at Imola. The broadcast of this race can be found here.


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