iWCGPS 2017 R5 Review


Bolukbasi finishes P9 with Price & Gergis in P19 and P23

– The fifth round of the 2017 iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series took place at Monza for a 53 laps race. Cem Bolukbasi, along side Pashalis Gergis and Isaac Price, qualified himself onto a promising 14th position. Gergis and Price had to start from very far back at P34 and P30. A damage free race for Cem made things work out properly and that rewarded him with a great Top 10 position after several fights.

iwcgps_r5_pashissue iwcgps_r5_isaacissues

The first couple of corners were pretty tight when the field was wriggling around the first chicane of the track. A lot of bumps and contacts were happening but luckly the CoRe SimRacing drivers came through it without major issues. But just some turns later the first major crashes involved a lot of teams and racers including Pashalis. He wanted to avoid the cars going around off the track but could not avoid a small lag contact. On the other hand Isaac, who came through the first lap safely, had a crash with Joao Vaz after he hit the curb too much. The bright side of the race was Cem who was advancing more into the Top 10 positions meanwhile – before his pitstop he could chase down Pietilä and Holzmann in front. After that Cem could catch Daniel Arent Wensing who was involved in a good battle with Joni Törmälä.

iwcgps_r5_pashissue2 iwcgps_r5_cemfighting

Catching the Radical car in P8, Cem sadly made a mistake going to wide in the Parabolica corner. Touching the astroturf on the very left side made his car loose and launched it over a bump. A lot of time was lost and the turkish CoRe SimRacing driver had to bring P9 home. Pashalis crossed the line in P23 with Isaac in P19. Few words from Cem after the race : “Preparation was quite limited. Really happy with 9th position in the end – another Top 10 finish. Pleased with the result, thank you to Pash, Isaac and Sebastion for helping.” Isaac had to say : “That was the hardest race I’ve ever done –  shame it was just for P19. The pitting because damage dropped my chances to overtake anybody in the 2nd stint.” The next race of the 2017 iWCGPS will take place at Silverstone. The RaceSpot broadcast of this race can be found here.


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