iWCGPS 2017 R11 Review


Gergis Finishes In P21

– the penultimate round of the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series was held at the Nürburgring GP circuit for a 60 laps race. As the last round at Suzuka was overshadowed with a very unlucky moment for Pashalis, the Greek CoRe driver could finish this round in 21st position. Despite tough moments in the first turns here too, Pashalis at least was not crashing himself into the armco barrier this time.

iwcgps_r11_apexfight2 iwcgps_r11_apexfight

Qualifying himself onto a very promising 8th position, Pashalis was already attacked by two Apex Racing UK drivers. Defending for the first couple of laps, contacts could not be avoided. In one of those situations, Pashalis was even launched into the air and afterwards he was spun. The early front wing damage did make him loose several positions and the unlucky Greek CoRe member had to continue the race on 18th position. The early pitstop was happening and coming out at the back of the grid did not help the current circumstances. Anyway, with a lot of people going into the pits in front of him, Pashalis maintained a 21st position after the pitstop phase. Following the pace from Ellis Jr., Filho, Wensing and Ilbrink in front, Pashalis came into his balance and let the race go its way. Breathtaking moment for him again as Ellis Jr. made a Radicals driver spun in the Mercedes Arena – Pashalis got a position out of that, but in the end he had to go wide to avoid a collision.

iwcgps_r11_backmark iwcgps_r11_backmark2

It was a ordinary race for Pashalis, filled with incidents and unlucky situations again. He had to say : “After the damage in turn one, I had to let pass people. Frustrating, because Q was good but in the end it just drops.” The last round of this season’s iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series calender is Circuit Of The Americas. The broadcast of this race can be found here.


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