iRPS 17/18 R3 Review


CoRe F.Rasmussen Wins iRPS R3!

The third round of the 2017 to 2018 iRacing Road Pro Series was taking place at the famous UK circuit Silverstone. The CoRe drivers Frederik Rasmussen and Sebastian Job were able to hold onto their lead in the qualification again. Carl was finally racing in the topsplit this time.

irps_r3_startcrash irps_r3_carlgoing

Starting from 2nd position Sebastian was going into the race in front of Frederik who was starting in 3rd right behind him. Carl did not have a lot of practise during the week and had to go from P33. A very unlucky wheel spin of Sebastian’s MP4-30 machine exploded into a massive carnage at the start taking out several cars. Frederik was lucky enough to escape. On the other hand though, Carl, who was stuck at the end of the grid, had to completely stop the car and wait until the wall of McLaren’s slowly faded out. Front wing damage was the result of this. The pace of Frederik and Sebastian was outstanding again making them immediately fight against Joshua K Rogers who was in the lead. Carl meanwhile was going for the early stop to replace his front wing and could continue the race from P22. Frederik was about to get the lead while Sebastian was following him all race long. The race seemed to be another great success for the CoRe youngsters.

irps_r3_fredefight irps_r3_carlfight

Nevertheless the luck was not on Sebastian’s side this time and disconnected. Frederik continued the race after a successful pitstop and won the race. Carl ended up in P18. Sebastian did not finish and ended up on P23 despite he survived the first lap carnage. 60 laps later Frederik was happy with his another victory. Nevertheless Sebastian has to come back for the next round. The next race on the iRacing Road Pro series calendar will be Suzuka next weekend. The RaceSpotTV broadcast of this race can be found here.


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