iRPS 17/18 R2 Review


Rasmussen & Job Continue With 1-2!

The second round of the 2017 to 2018 iRacing Road Pro Series was held at Montreal for a very intense 70 laps race. CoRe SimRacing with its iRacing F1 competitors Sebastian Job, Frederik Rasmussen and Carl Winkler were able to continue collecting very good points by finishing 1st and 2nd in the topsplit, again. Carl could show great performace in Split 2 and ended up in a promising and deserved 1st position.

irps_r2_t1carnage irps_r2_carlstart

Sebastian set the pole position time in front of Frederik. Frederik was able to fulfill the first row on the grid starting from 2nd position. With Montreal’s tight first corner combination a big carnage happend which was forming up right behind the leading CoRe drivers. Coming out of that without damage, both continued driving away up in front. A small spin in the last chicane by Sebastian gave the team a breathtaking moment. In Split 2, Carl started from P4. He instantly could advance to P3 and later up to the lead despite lapped drivers were in the way. Bergeron and Kern were still behind lurking. Carl went in for an early pitstop to avoid traffic and come out in P4 chasing the leaders down. Sebastian came in too to get the undercut on Frederik. For the rest of the race both CoRe SimRacing youngsters were leading the race until the last lap where Sebastian tried to go from the outside in turn one. Sebastian sometimes had a bit of errors in driving which were not fatal though. The overtaking attempt made both CoRe guys touch and Frederik had to go on the brakes to avoid to slip into the grass. While both brought it to the finish, Carl won the race in Split 2 in front of Bergeron. Another perfect outcome for the qualifiers for CoRe SimRacing.

irps_r2_carlleading irps_r2_fredevsseb

This was by far the most awful race I ever raced in terms of lapping.” – said Carl after he ended the race lapping several slower cars in Split 2. Sebastian said in the interview afterwards : “Me and Frederik had similar pace though. In the second stint I felt a bit more confident and so I was pushing.” The next race will take place at Silverstone. The RaceSpot broadcast of this race can be found here.


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