Good Start in Japan


Absolute-Beginners League Season 4 Kick-Off ! 

Running down the straights in Okayama and enjoying noisy Ford GTs and Caddys passing by, Darko and Maik visited Japan for a short trip racing the MX5 in the fresh-started Absolute-Beginners League which kicked-off their fourth season. About 40 entries splitted up in GTR and GTS class, the Fords, CTS-Vs, SRFs and Miatas went flat out yesterday evening for a tight 45 minute race around the tricky Okayama Circuit. As our CoRe member Darko starting to get into again, Maik gave him support to find himself around better in his first league races.

ab_r1_02ab_r1_03   ab_r1_04

As both of the CoRe drivers qualified in mid-pack of about a 30-sized GTS grid, Darko could connect to the upper fields soon as Maik started tailgaiting behind the 3rd positioned Spec Racer Ford. Especially in the early parts of the race the field started to get confused by rough lappings of the GTR cars. Nevertheless Darko could hold his Miata safe and stayed out of trouble through the whole trip. Because of fuel-limit restrictions a pitstop had to be made and resulted into a thrilling ending-phase in the last laps. With hard battles against crushed SRFs Darko could enforce himself to P7 while Maik completed the podium with a third position, finally.

The next race will head to Road Atlanta in two weeks while next Sunday the Cup-Series of the AB league is going to begin with a short sprint of 90 minutes at Twin Ring Motegi. Racing the Riley and the Kia Optima at Motegi’s night condition will be the program there.





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