Doubles In Daytona


Momentum for the league !

Last saturday the 2015 DGFX World Endurance Series of iRacing kicked in at the Daytona International Speedway
and CoRe SimRacing secured two 2nd positions in the C-Spec and GT3 class after a brilliant but rough six hour
endurance race.

With a 2×15 minute qualfication before the race launched, Maik and Yuri could both maintain their practise speed
and obtained the pole position for CoRe’s LMP and GT3 squad. Our swedish line-up for the C-Spec started their
journey from the 3rd place on the rolling grid. After that, the 43 car sized grid of HPDs, Corvettes, McLarens, Z4s and RUFs
shaped up behind the pace car and went green on Saturday evening europe time.

lmpleadt1 mp4lead ruf

At halftime in this first endurance round Yuri and Nicklas could maintain their good pace speed to a great over 30 seconds lead in the GT3 class while Nicce and Mattias hold their car safely on track giving them clear spots in Top 3 through the whole race. After first three stints free of general mistakes for the HPD car, nevertheless Christian catched a huge pack of the field and was slightly pushed off the track by a C-Spec car which caused a high speed spin to CoRe’s LMP car. Although Christian was able to catch the slide and keep the Honda off the wall, the C-Spec took the wrong route and crashed into CoRe’s Honda causing a not-repairable broken steering. After a long eight minute repair time and a loss of more than 20 km/h, sadly, Christian had to park the car into pits and the LMP squad had to retire after three hours.

crash1 crash2

Running down the clock with the last 2 hours on Yuri made a pitstop, after exiting the pits, disaster happened. His videocard had a freeze which resulted in a 4 minute tow back to the pit so that Nicklas could continue the race. After that freeze Nicklas continued the stint but they were 2 laps down and running in 3rd. A full course yellow was thrown out because of a crashed car in T1, the GT3 squad had a bit of luck there and was able to close the gap to the current number 2 in the race. Nicklas made a good stint with a nice pace (he was determined to hold on!) going into the pits for the last pitstop Yuri took over and on exit pits he was dropped just behind the current number 2, after a flatout stint he managed to overtake the number 2, created a huge 30 second gap and unlapped himself from the number 1. Mattias pushed the C-Spec back to 2nd position aswell and both of the CoRe squads finished the endurance on both second positions. Outstanding performance Yuri, Nicklas, Nicce and Mattias!

On March 7th, the series will continue at Silverstone with a sprint race. We’ll cya @ UK!


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