CoRe’s SimExpo 2017


CoRe F.Rasmussen Winner of ADAC Trophy & Team GT500 in 4th!

The 2017 SimRacing Expo, which was organized and held at the Nürburgring, was yet again another great yearly event at the world’s famous race track. With the Nürburgring Boulevard as its show place next to the Blancpain Sprit Series on the circuit, multiple strong simracing teams of the world such as Coanda SimSport, CORE Motorsports, JIM Racing, MSP Phoenix Racing, SimRC, ineX Racing and much more competed in the local ADAC SimRacing Trophy and the GT500 endurance race using iRacing’s Porsche 911 Cup car and the Nürburgring track.

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CoRe SimRacing qualified for the ADAC SimRacing Trophy with Thomas Arends, Santeri Kallunki and Frederik Rasmussen online. Ricardo Castro Ledo, the team’s latest addition to the team, was also competing at the event live on stage. Shuffled for quarter final heat 3 & 4, it was only Frederik and Ricardo who could finish the first decider in the Top 5 to advance. Thomas and Santeri were sadly involved in early incidents which made them fall out of the first day’s event. But on the other hand though, CoRe got 2 drivers safe in the semi-finals. Frederik finished the semi’s heat in a lucky 5th position, despite he won the quarter final race before. Ricardo sadly could not adjust himself to his ActoRacer motion rig quickly enough, after he was chosen to use another peripherals in the semi-final race. The braking in the non-ABS Porsche was tough, it made Ricky spun and finish behind the Top 5. Getting more confidence though, Frederik was ready to race the final.

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Setting the fastest lap on the day in the final’s qualifying, Frederik’s main contender was Coanda SimSport’s driver Jeremy Bouteloup who was making his day difficult. Getting closer and closer lap by lap, Frederik was able to get a good run out of the last turn to catch his draft. Going outside in turn one and going side by side through the whole Mercedes Arena section of the Nürburgring, Frederik could take the lead and won the 2017 SimRacing Expo ADAC Trophy. With all the cameras & people surrounding him already, the Expo show went on.


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After Frederik’s victory was celebrated and Thomas’ rig was set up the day before for the sunday’s GT500, Frederik could also qualify in a strong & promising second position behind Coanda’s driver & X-Games winner Mitchell DeJong. The young danish star driver from CoRe could take the lead in the first hours before the seat swap with Thomas was happening. No tyres were taken and therefor the pressure was pretty high for ending driver Thomas who sadly could not defend the lead against Coanda, PRT and CORE. In the end and with the frustration in every CoRe member’s face visible, CoRe SimRacing finished in a tough 4th position despite holding the lead nearly all race long.

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Congratulations to Coanda SimSport for the victory in the first ever SimExpo GT500 event. We also want to thank all teams who were cheering and surrounding us, making this event a great memory as well as a great step forward in simracing live competition. We hope to see you all in 2018! The RaceSpotTV broadcast of the ADAC Trophy can be found here, the GT500 broadcast can be found here.


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