CoRe’s 2017 #F1eSports Semi-Final


Rasmussen & Bolukbasi To Abu Dhabi Final!

The 2017 #F1eSports Formula 1 eSports Series, which was taking place at the Gfinity Arena in London for its semi-final, was showcase of one of the promising eSports events organized by Formula One. A lot of iRacing’s famous names and teams were competing, including CoRe SimRacing’s competitors Isaac Price, Frederik Rasmussen and Cem Bolukbasi. All three of them qualified on various platforms for this event.

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Split into four groups or better said heats, the CoRe members had to go for a over ten lap race on tracks such as Interlagos and Silverstone. Racing against the current international F1 2017 elite, the competition and the pace were on a very high level. Isaac, who was up in heat one, had a pretty tough race as the weather condition was on rain. This made things more tricky than they already were. Despite getting up to a good pace after a quite turbulent first turn chasing the pack, Isaac could only finish 7th in his heat and sadly could not qualify for the final.

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The third heat was Cem’s turn who was on a good run for actually winning his race. After the pitstop phase though, Cem had taken a bit of damage after a pretty late dive attempt from a contender behind him – as a result of this action Cem had damage out of that, with a bit of a downforce loss as well as topspeed issues. Nevertheless Cem could recover pretty fast and finished his heat in 3rd position. Despite risking quite a lot and fighting tough against upcoming contenders behind him, he was quite happy with the outcome finishing on the podium.

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Frederik was up for racing in the fourth heat starting in 3rd. Having a great battle with Patrik Holzman, Frederik was able to finish in a solid 2nd position and qualify himself for the Abu Dhabi Final, too. 40 of the best F1 2017 drivers in the world were reduced to 20 after a pulsating semi-final in London. Get ready for the grand final in Abu Dhabi. Follow all the upcoming action on 24th and 25th November 2017.


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