CoRe Wins 2017 6h Glen


GTE Class Win for CoRe SimRacing!

The 2017 iRacing 6 hours of Watkins Glen was another successful world tour event for CoRe SimRacing – Sebastian Job, who was racing the first one-off endurance competition for the team, was sharing his CoRe SimRacing Orange machine with no other than Frederik Rasmussen. To give them some company, Maik Paluch and Janne Kiuru started in the CoRe SimRacing Black car. Isaac Price joined for a practise run, too.

2017_6hGlen_start 2017_6hGlen_maikrip

The qualification for this event started to be days before. CoRe SimRacing Orange started from 2nd position off the grid behind the JIM Sorg Rennsport team. CoRe SimRacing Black started from 13th position with Isaac in 12th. The 2017′ 6h of the Glen were waved green and the pack shot down to the first turn. Sebastian immediately got the chase going against JIM while Isaac and Maik were managing their Ferrari 488 machines in the midpacks. Taking the lead despite fighting with the tyre wear a lot, the double stint for the british CoRe driver was a very smooth one to continue. Sadly on the other hand, Maik lost his car in the penultimate corner right before his first stop after he clipped the grass. The slide over correction made Maik’s machine smash into the armco. The over eleven minute mandatory repair plus the five minute optional overhaul made the car not driveable. CoRe SimRacing Black had to retire after a solid opening stint to 10th position, though.

2017_6hGlen_FredeTraffic 2017_6hGlen_FredeTraffic2

Sebastian finished his double stint coming a bit earlier to the pits than usual. Reason for that was the urgent tyre change which was needed. The traffic with AMG GT3’s and Corvette DP’s did not make smooth driving a favor. Nevertheless, Sebastian came in and gave over to Frederik. As expected, he went his magic pace instantly and opened a gap to Coanda SimSport’s and JIM’s Ford GT. Having a bit of a hiccup as Frederik’s simulator minimized right on the start finish line, 15 seconds were lost – anyway, big luck for the Orange entry to fix that issue while being behind the wheel. The so-called “rage pace” by Frederik kicked in and made him go absolutely flying. Closing up and opening the gap at the same time made the race exciting. Sebastian was about to get ready to take over the CoRe Ferrari from the great double stint.

2017_6hGlen_sebtraffic 2017_6hGlen_sebtraffic2

Sebastian was able to go with a consistent pace around the Watkins Glen circuit. A lot of teams had to take repairs as incidents around the track were happening. Even CoRe’s contenders behind had to struggle with traffic, mostly against Corvette DP’s which were using their overspeed to dive into the insides. Nonetheless the CoRe SimRacing Orange car had a very positive procedure of this motorrace. With about one hour to go and Coanda’s as well as JIM’s Ford GT behind, Sebastian was focusing bringing the car over the line. The early stops paid off and Sebastian left the pits for his final run. Coanda and JIM were pitting laps after and the CoRe SimRacing Orange car advanced the lead with a over 40 seconds lead. With the driving towards the finish line, Sebastian and Frederik, won the GTE class of the 2017 6h of the Glen.

2017_6hGlen_sebtraffic3 2017_6hGlen_sebtraffic4

A great outcome for the two strong CoRe SimRacing members. It was the first time both were sharing a car in an iRacing event and the combination proved to be a solid race winner. Sebastian had good reason to celebrate : “It was a great race overall, especially with Frederik in the car. The Ford GT’s seem to be bit better on Q but in the end in the race it was balanced. Also a shoutout to Isaac for the spotting and to the guys who helped building up the setup”. Also Frederik was glad with the result : “It was a perfect race, except my sim minimized suddenly which made me lose 15 seconds. Great driving by Sebastian!” The RaceSpotTV broadcast of this race can be found here.


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    Gratz Sebi & Frede! Great effort!

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