VRSGTiRWC 2018 R1 Review


CoRe Podium’s The Season Opener!

It was game on for one of the most prestigious, demanding and exciting simracing tournaments out there – the iRacing VRS GT World Championship. CoRe SimRacing competes two entries this season once again : CoRe SimRacing Black, including Ricardo Castro Ledo, Pashalis Gergis and Santeri Kallunki while CoRe SimRacing Silver is filled with Janne Kiuru, Maxime Pauly and Thomas Arends. Both CoRe teams chose the Audi R8 GT3 as their championship car. The first race of the 2018 season was already a tough one : The 6h of Bathurst.

2018_bgtwcs_r1_start 2018_bgtwcs_r1_jannesandwiched

After weeks of practise it was about time – qualifying started and both CoRe entries had to deliver. Ricardo, who could set provisional pole position early in the Bathurst hotlaps, ended up 2nd behind TTL eSports’ driver Joshua Rogers. Janne, who was doing the fast lap for CoRe Silver, started from 13th position. At 1:45PM GMT time, the green flag flew and the 50 car pro team field headed towards the first corner. It did not take long and already carnage happend. Coanda was taken out after a couple of meters and three corners later, Janne got punted from behind. Despite it was a soft touch, CoRe Silver’s Audi took damage from that. Janne immediately reported that the car lost speed.

2018_bgtwcs_r1_jannedamage 2018_bgtwcs_r1_rickyvscoanda

Ricardo was able to keep up with the leading pack and switched from P3 – P4 back to P8 after the first pitstop. Several teams started to double the tyres, CoRe Black did not – on the other hand Janne had to struggle with the pace he could not go due the damage and gave the car over to Maxime. Being around P30 at that time, the Silver entry had to start its journey back to the front. Pashalis took over after Ricardo delivered a great starting performance. Few hours in the race CoRe Black was able to breath lead air for a couple of minutes, though. The comeback from Silver was real but was ended 30 minutes before the finish. After SRT eSports R8 machine got loose at Brocks Skyline, Maxime had absolutely no chance to avoid the spinning car in front and got hit. His car immediately spun and lost control – Maxime ended up grinding the concrete wall down to the dipper. CoRe SimRacing Silver ended up in the pits with massive repair and got classified in 28th position. CoRe Black, with Ricardo back at the wheel, finished the race in 3rd and brought home a well-deserved podium result.

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The frustration was visible : “Without the punt in the first lap, a Top10 result would have been realistic.” – said Maxime. Janne had to admit : “I would have been quite happy with a finish even in the Top20. It would be easy to enjoy CoRe Black’s result if we could have finished the race.” Ricardo & Pashalis had to report : “It was exhausting but it was worth it. Decent start – but we are sure the Silver team will be where it belongs to soon.” The second round of the 2018 VRSGTiRWC season is Sebring. The broadcast of this race can be found here.


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