BGT 2017 R6 Review


CoRe SimRacing is 2017 iRacing BGT World Champion!

The final round of the most prestigious simracing competition, the iRacing Blancpain GT Series, took place at the famous german legendary Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit for a tough three hours race. CoRe SimRacing Orange with Frederik Rasmussen and Isaac Price alongside CoRe SimRacing Silver with Maxime Pauly and Janne Kiuru behind the wheel finished in 1st and 6th position which makes the CoRe Orange line-up the champions of this year’s BGT season – team Silver ends up in this Blancpain GT series season on a fantastic 3rd position overall, too!

bgt2017_r6_fredeearlylead bgt2017_r6_maxfight

Getting the sixth out of six pole positions in this season, Frederik Rasmussen set an outstanding qualifying lap onto the Nürburgring tarmac for CoRe SimRacing Orange. With an 1:48.3 the young danish simracing talent was about six tenth faster than the 2nd car behind, ineX Racing Blue. Maxime, who went for the hotlap in the CoRe SimRacing Silver line-up, was starting from a good 6th position. And with the 29 sized car grid ready, all the machines raced down towards the first hairpin with Frederik in the lead, Maxime right behind fighting against JIM Racing Black and Vendaval SimRacing White. An amazing pace by Frederik made a great gap to P2 possible – about 16s in the lead at the point of the first pitstops. Meanwhile Maxime had to fight and defend hard against JIM, CORE and Vendaval to keep a solid 5th position.

bgt2017_r6_maxfight2 bgt2017_r6_maxfight3

Running out pits of the first pitstop cycle, Frederik kept the lead while Maxime came out in 6th behind the iRacing Brasil Team. Finally both CoRe entries found their solid pace and their rhythm to continue safely. The gaps started to balance pretty much and it was all about keeping calm up to the the finish line. With the second and final pitstop about to come, things were about to get exciting. A free position was given to Maxime after iRacing Brasil spun out of the chicane – CoRe SimRacing Silver was back in P5 again. On the other hand, Frederik was still going on an outstanding run. Isaac took over from Frederik and Janne took over from Maxime to bring the final run home. CoRe Orange kept the great lead and Isaac brought the victory over the line as winners of this race. CoRe SimRacing Silver with Janne behind the wheel finished the race in a great 6th position after an fantastic ending chase phase. In the overall BGT standings though, CoRe SimRacing Silver are ending up on the podium on 3rd, but CoRe SimRacing Orange, Isaac Price & Frederik Rasmussen, are the 2017 iRacing Blancpain GT champions!

bgt2017_r6_jannechase2 bgt2017_r6_victory

All the dedication, the amount of practise, the organisation and the sportsmanship within the team made this possible. Finishing with a lucky 10th place in last year’s Blancpain GT Series, CoRe finally showed where their real potential is. A great burden fell from Frederik’s shoulders : “It couldn’t be any better, six out of six pole positions. The disconnect at Silverstone was tough though, but this result is just very awesome.” Isaac had to admit : “Without having fun within the team, you would not have the opportunity of winning. What happend in the last 14 months is just outstanding.” On the CoRe Silver side, Maxime was celebrating : “It is just so great to be on this team, all this season was just perfect teamwork.” Also Janne had to say : “The whole CoRe team was behind the team success, thanks to everyone!” And so from the CoRe SimRacing side – thanks to iRacing, RaceSpot and all competitors of the 2017 Blancpain GT Series making this event so special.



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