BGT 2017 R4 Review


CoRe Dominates In Zolder!

The fourth round of the 2017 iRacing Blancpain GT Series was taking place at Circuit Zolder for another short & quick 90 minutes distance event. CoRe SimRacing and their line-ups Orange and Silver, showed the huge potential after a lot of practise, preparation and commitment for this round. With Frederik Rasmussen and Isaac Price in the primary car and Janne Kiuru with Maxime Pauly this time in the secondary McLaren machine, CoRe SimRacing dominated the whole 1.5h race by winning and finishing with an outstanding 1-2 podium result.

bgt2017_r4_leading2 bgt2017_r4_leading3

Frederik Rasmussen qualified the CoRe SimRacing Orange car on pole position, again. With a time of 1:26.584, the young danish iRacing driver reached a four out of four – and as well an optimal qualification performance for the team. On the other hand, Janne Kiuru who was burning the hotlap into the tarmac for CoRe SimRacing Silver, could maintain a great second position with a 1:26.888 and hereby realize another P1 and P2 qualification result like also previously done in the season opener at Monza. The clock started to tick down its 90 minutes and Frederik led the big pro driver field down to the first corner with his teammate in the back. A couple of turns later already the first pile-ups of the race happend in the chicane. A lot of teams had to struggle with early damage though and had to pit – but nevertheless CoRe and its both cars had the opportunity to push away safely due the massive amount of practise, setupwork and commitment. The race took an optimal procedure and CoRe did not even once gave away the lead during the whole distance. Isaac was taking over from Frederik for the final stint while Maxime showed his skill in the Silver car for the first time. Before this pitstop, Frederik had a 20 seconds lead gap to the Silver sister car while those had around close 5 seconds to P3. The gap to the 3rd position was within 2 seconds for the first 20 laps though. In the end and after a trouble-free 90 minutes race, CoRe SimRacing finished with an outstanding double podium P1-P2 result.

bgt2017_r4_finallaps bgt2017_r4_donuts

Janne who was really happy with the outcome had to say : “After my best qualy lap I’ve ever done, it was easy to just make and build the race, like we planned. I managed to get a good gap to the people behind in the first stint and pull away then on the second stint.” Meanwhile at the other CoRe entry, Isaac had to applaud : “The race went pretty much to perfection and everything seemed easy, but it’s never as easy as it looks. I am proud of the whole team, and its important to get the maximum enjoyment out of results like this as they do not happen every day.” The next race will take place at Spa for a long six hours race. The RaceSpot broadcast of this race can be found here.



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