BGT 2017 R3 Review


CoRe finishes P11 & P16 in BGT Silverstone!

The third round of the 2017 iRacing Blancpain GT Series has taken place on the eminent british racing circuit of Silverstone. The CoRe SimRacing Orange team with Frederik Rasmussen and Isaac Price, alongside the CoRe SimRacing Silver team with Thomas Arends and Janne Kiuru, finished the tough three hours endurance race on the 11th and the 16th position. With these results though, both CoRe SimRacing entries mix the field around in overall points and so continues the hunt in the most prestigious GT iRacing online series of the world.

bgt2017_r3_startcrashrear bgt2017_r3_thomasstart

The young danish CoRe driver Frederik Rasmussen, who recently managed his iRacing stats to be above tremendous 9000 iRating in road, qualified the CoRe orange McLaren MP4-GT3 machine on pole position. Beside that, Thomas Arends who put the Q-time for the CoRe Silver entry qualified in a solid P13. With three hours on the clock this time and with Silverstone being a quite balanced racing environment between the manufacturers, the race was about to be tough and exciting. But before the field saw the green flag for this round, Frederik who was leading behind the pace car, had a timeout and disconnected. Isaac had to jump in and start from last. Moreover massive carnage happend in the back of the field at the start, with several cars involved. Luckily this gave the Orange entry a pretty good start gaining around ten positions immediately. With Thomas keeping the spot around P12, Isaac started to catch the back of the field in the first stint.

bgt2017_r3_isaaccatching bgt2017_r3_thomasdefend

Frederik took over and was about to go for his double stint. Nearly being the fastest in the field catching the rest of the pack, the young danish driver was gaining position for position. Thomas on the other hand went for the double stint and had to maintain his starting position by defending tight against upcoming opponents. A lot of lead changes happend in the lead and the comeback for team Orange was still going on. While Thomas gave over to Janne for the final stint and Frederik reached the Top 15 after his beginning stint, the strategies were about to decide a lot. The last pitstops of the race were happening and the field sorted even more. Janne was gaining back the position after the pitstop, Frederik tried to bring everything out of the car. Somehow too much for once as he went into the MSP car in front spinning them.


After an amazing comeback started by Isaac and Frederik, the CoRe SimRacing orange car managed to finish the unlucky race in P11 despite a really hard battle against Evolution Racing Team in the ending phase. Janne brought the car home in 16th position after a great stint overtaking a Radicals BMW. “We had great hopes for this race to try and fight for the podium once again, but unfortunately such is endurance racing that after Frederik’s disconnect on the formation lap we had to try to recover as many places as we can. We really maximised everything to finish P11 and I can honestly say that I am as proud of our performance here than of any other.” – Isaac said after the race. Thomas from the Silver entry had to say : “Qualification was really though, the two laps I did were on the safe side resulting in P13. After P2 and P4 that felt like a bummer. It was good enough to avoid mayhem on the start luckily. At the pitstop we didn’t take tires what turned out to be the wrong strategy decision, I had to fight the cars on fresh rubber resulting in a lot of lost time“. The next race of the 2017 iRacing Blancpain GT Series will take place at Zolder for another short 90 minutes race. The broadcast of this race can be found here.


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