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Bus-Dominance in Aston !

The second round of CityLiga 20 took place at Aston on the “North” configuration which is another good example of tight GTR LFS racing. So did CoRe driver Carl Winkler, sitting in his four-wheel drive FXR and showed the competition how it’s done to be never late with a bus.

Hit by P.Kubinji in T3 of the first laps, Carl had to stand a setback falling back to 4th position although he started his race from 3rd position on the grid followed by a lead after only two turns.
However in T3 he was pushed in the hairpin, a short spun was the result. As a bus always can stand two or three scratches, Carl didn’t get loose and fought back to P1 and finished the race in great fashion.

Grid 1 :
Carl Winkler – P1
Grid 2 :
Markus Blohm – P8
Laszlo Kovacs – DNF (Connection-Problem)

Congratulations Carl for the win & good luck for the next race, guys!


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  1. Maik Paluch says:

    Nice comeback there, Cali! :)

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