A Beautiful Start


[LFS] CityLiga 20 Round 01 Report

A great start to the CityLiga 20 season for the CoRe SimRacing boys! After having qualified 2nd in Grid 1, C.Winkler won the feature race with a 2 second lead. The two other drivers, M.Blohm and L.Kovács, performed in Grid 2 with great beauty! They clinched the first row in qualifying and brought it home 1-2 in the feature race. Good job guys!

Grid 1
Qualifying: (21 cars)
2nd : 01-CoRe C.Winkler
Race: (21 cars)
1st : 01-CoRe C.Winkler

Grid 2
Qualifying: (18 cars)
1st : 93-CoRe L.Kovács
2nd : 89-CoRe M.Blohm
Race: (18 cars)
1st : 89-CoRe M.Blohm
2nd : 93-CoRe L.Kovács

Full results and statistics for round 1: http://cl.racemore.de/mpres/league/CL/20/?lang=en
Full rankings : http://cityliga.de/index.php/en/season/rankings


3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Start”

  1. MousemanLV says:

    Great job, a really good performance.

  2. Maik Paluch says:

    Nice job, guys!

  3. Yuri Gamelkoorn says:


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