End Of The Line End Of The Line
23 October 2016
End Of The Line
NES Season 3 Kick-Off NES Season 3 Kick-Off
17 October 2016
NES Season 3 Kick-Off
GES Season 3 Kick-Off GES Season 3 Kick-Off
16 October 2016
GES Season 3 Kick-Off

End Of The Line

CoRe finishes in Top10 at Blancpain GT Series Season 1 debut! The iRacing.com Blancpain GT Series in its first season was definitely one of the most competitive and prestigious simracing championships in a long time. The best 40 iRacing teams around the globe featuring their GT3 machines showed the world … Read More »

CityLiga 23 R5 Review

CityLiga 23 Round 5 Review – The fifth race of the CityLiga 23 season was held in South City racing at the Sprint 2 short varation with the fast and tricky MRT cart. Carl, Ronald and Laszlo took their chance onto the two sprint races and finished solid earning another valueable points for the … Read More »

CityLiga 23 R4 Review

CityLiga 23 Round 4 Review – The fourth race of the CityLiga 23 season took place at the new Rockingham I.S.S.C configuration racing one of the slower demo vehicles, the XFG. Carl, Ronald and Laszlo who competed for this 45 lap long race could end up with really strong and solid results for this season. … Read More »

Strong At Imola

CoRe 4th in Blancpain GT Round 5! The fifth round of the 2016 Blancpain GT Series was held at the Imola circuit for another three hour endurance race. CoRe drivers Santeri Kallunki and Frederik Rasmussen went for the great race in their BMW Z4 GT3 and brought home a very … Read More »

CoRe’s Petit Le Mans 2016

CoRe wins 2016 Petit Le Mans!  The 2016 iRacing Petit Le Mans was about to be a 10-hour race on the usual Road Atlanta circuit, featuring the RUF C-Spec, the GT3 German and a Corvette DP classification. CoRe SimRacing was entering this event with three line-ups, Santeri, Isaac and Frederik … Read More »