CoRe’s Petit Le Mans 2016 CoRe’s Petit Le Mans 2016
25 September 2016
CoRe's Petit Le Mans 2016
The Viking King Rasmussen The Viking King Rasmussen
19 September 2016
The Viking King Rasmussen
GoT Seagull Challenge GoT Seagull Challenge
12 September 2016
GoT Seagull Challenge

CityLiga 23 R3 Review

CityLiga 23 Round 3 Review – The third race of the CityLiga 23 season took place at the long Kyoto Ring Grand Prix circuit racing the fastest car in the LFS simulation – the BMW Sauber F1-06. Carl, Ronald and Laszlo who competed for this 42 lap long race did take valueable points for this  season, … Read More »

Another 3rd In 2016 BSS S3

Rasmussen 3rd in 2016 Blancpain Sprint Series Season 3! The third season of the 2016 Blancpain Sprint Series in iRacing was however an insanely tough and exciting GT3 competition  – CoRe SimRacing driver Frederik Rasmussen competed in the last season aiming for a competitve result and achieved a great 3rd place again. Fighting … Read More »

CityLiga 23 R1 Review

CityLiga 23 Round 1 Review – The 23rd CityLiga season launched last Monday starting with a open-config combination using the TBO cars on the Aston Club open reversed configuration. With Carl, Laszlo, Markus and Ronald racing for CoRe SimRacing a promising season is to expect. Last sadly could not compete the first … Read More »